Senior Front End Developer

Rize ag

Paris, Île-de-France
Nov 3, 2021


Our mission : helping farmers help the planet

Rize brings climate finance solutions to farmers that act for our climate by implementing sustainable practices.

Today agriculture amounts to up to 25% of global CO2 emission, but by adopting climate friendly practices farms can become one of the largest carbon sinks in the world.

For this transition to happen, climate finance needs to be massively scaled in agriculture, and that is our mission. Making carbon financing easily accessible to all European farms (at first).

The journey to develop carbon financing for agriculture will be filled with plenty of exciting challenges:

  • Setting new standards for climate finance;
  • Developing new impact monitoring tools ;
  • Setting-up complex systems cross-referencing user data & remote sensing;
  • Exploring the horizons offered by sustainable agriculture.

Do you want to be at the heart of a high-impact and meaningful project that will shape the future of agriculture, by working with the best technologies within a high-potential start-up?

Job Description

What you’ll be doing

Rize was founded in September 2020 by a team of engineers. Now that the project has gained traction, we are putting together our dream team to join us in this adventure.

If we work together, you will:

  • Help us create the best possible user experience for farmers and farming cooperatives
  • Build and maintain Rize’s system
  • Make technical choices and build ownership of our platform.
  • Set the development best practices
  • Support the development of the tech team

You will work closely with our Lead Developer. You also will interact a lot with our CPO, our Carbon Expert and our Product Designer. You will play a key role in defining technical choices, setting up good practices, and building the tech stack. You will also contribute towards designing our platforms’ UI/UX. This is also a role with a lot of potential for future growth as the team expands.

4 great reasons to work with us!

  • We have a cool and modern tech stack. Craftsmanship is being evangelised. You'll be hearing, learning and teaching about DDD, TDD, CQRS, SOLID, Clean Architecture, Ubiquitous language, ...
  • You’ll benefit from a great work-place culture and strong technical support as Rize was founded by engineers who understand what it takes to be a developer. You'll work in a continuously improving organisation where iteration, peer review, pair programming and strong understanding of the business are commonly used.
  • You’ll join a relaxed and growing team, with a true “start-up” spirit: you are not just a developer, but an integral part of the team. Your role, if you accept it, is thus to bring creativity and good ideas to evolve together !
  • We’re remote friendly but we also make the best coffee in our Paris office when all the team meets up physically.

Place of work

This job can be performed remotely. However, as Rize is based in Paris, periodic travel to Paris will be required. In short you get the best of both worlds: The comfort of working remotely from home while getting occasions to have meaningful in-person interactions with the team!

Preferred Experience

Your skills

Strong experience with at least one modern frontend framework (React, VueJS, Angular, ...)

Some experience with: Tests frameworks, Monitoring, Cloud architecture and CI/CD

Nice to have:

  • Experience with GCP services & especially App Engine (likely to change for Kubernetes)
  • Experience with Angular

Our complete stack, tools and infra :

  • Front : Angular 12, Blade, Tailwind
  • Back : PHP (Laravel), MySQL, Python (Django)
  • Gitlab, Jira
  • GCP, Google App Engine, OVH

We expect the ability to work in English (French a bonus) as we have an international team ❤️🌍

Hiring values

We would love to work with people who share our core values:

  • Interest in climate change and the impact sector more broadly;
  • Interest in start-ups and their ecosystem;
  • Digital native, remote friendly;
  • Casual and open-minded, love to learn and improve;

Recruitment Process

The hiring process

If you think the job is for you, don’t wait and send us your CV by mail and by letting us know why you are interested in joining us at . Also, if you have some code that you are particularly proud of and want to show us, we are happy to look at it.

If selected, here is what our process looks like :

  • a screening interview, followed by
  • a take-home challenge and a more detailed technical interview in which your solution to the take-home challenge will be discussed.
  • a meeting with at least of one the co-founders of Rize to learn about the project and discuss your past experiences. After this meeting, we will ask you 2 references.
  • and if you receive an offer we’ll invite you to meet the rest of the team over coffee so have the opportunity to know everyone before making your decision.
  • Additional Information

    • Contract Type:Full-Time
    • Location:Paris, France (75013)
    • Experience:> 3 years
    • Possible full remote