Lille, New York City, Paris
Big Data, IT / Digital, SaaS / Cloud Services, Application mobile
SimpliField is a fast SaaS growing company. We develop the ultimate all-in-one, fully integrated mobile platform for retail operations, communications, workflow automation, and advanced performance analytics.. At SimpliField, we are laser focused on helping companies empower their talent and drive the performance they need to survive and thrive. We do that by bringing the right people, information, and tools together in one dynamic mobile platform - giving our customers the tools they need to unleash efficiency, drive decisive action and make a meaningful and measurable impact on results. We’ve grown rapidly during a period of truly massive global change – all by helping companies and their teams work smarter, work together - and work from anywhere. The technology we create is powerful, flexible and innovative – allowing our clients to rapidly address the changing needs of their talents and their customers to succeed in ways they never imagined. Come join us, SimpliField is hiring in the U.S. and Europe!
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